Testimonials for Pilates North

Love Letters from our Inbox 


  • I love Lisa and her classes! A skating coach told me about Pilates North 4 yrs ago and I have been a regular ever since. I trust Lisa and respect her knowledge and expertise. The fitness that we develop in her classes is the foundation that I build all my other sports (skating, running, swimming, golf) upon. Let’s face it, as we get older it gets harder on the body to be physically active. Her classes keep my body balanced and strong so that I can continue to pursue an active, athletic lifestyle.

    Tracy Wilson
    Olympic Skater, TV Figure Skating Commentator, Skating coach /consultant
  • It’s been 4 years since I started training with Lisa. Her workouts and body treatments have become an important part of my off-ice training. She always seems to come up with new and challenging workouts to keep me at the top of my game. It’s as if she can read my body and know exactly what I need each time I come in. Thanks Lisa and Pilates North you guys are the best!

    Mike Zigomanis
    Stanely Cup Champion
  • I am sending a quick note from the Amalfi coast. Thanks to Natalyia, Jaymie and Lisa for all the hard work they have put me through over the last year. Especially Natalyia, I have been singing her praises to my friends for her pushing me on the Pilates chair with my knee strengthening.  There are stairs everywhere here!  I walk 230 steps to get to the beach and 100 to get up to road level to walk about 20 minutes into Positano where everything is little lane ways of more stairs!!  Best news of all is that my knees feel AMAZING! No pain or swelling!!  Just wanted to share my news with the girls who have helped me so much.

    Dianna Zator
  • I recently started the beginner class at Pilates North. Right from the start, everyone was very friendly.The studio is bright and clean. The classes are small and the instructors are excellent – very patient, friendly and always willing to make helpful modifications for those of us who need them. I love that there is a true focus on proper form to maximize benefit while avoiding injury. I look forward to my class every week and always come out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. After just a few classes, I already note improved flexibility and look forward to a stronger core. I plan to continue training at Pilates North and encourage everyone to try it out!

    Michelle T
  • I am writing this testimonial, to state that the work of Natalie is amazing. I can’t believe how complex our bodies are and how Natalie knows what she knows. You are the best trainer I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few). You are in touch with the human body and you know how to really work it; I’m looking forward to working with you again.

    Andrea Dishman
    Pilates Enthusiast
  • Lisa and her team of trainers helped to get me and keep me in such great shape that I was able to work out throughout both my pregnancies. The deep core and overall strength I attained helped me to have easy labours with quick natural childbirth. My recovery time was super speedy too! The mind / body awareness I developed from Pilates North helped me to have an efficient delivery. Thank you so much!

    Justine Kay
    Sales Executive
  • I started going to Pilates North in 2004 in an effort to maintain a steady thyroid level through exercise, as opposed to changing my medication levels when something didn’t feel right. I haven’t stopped coming since and my levels have remained constant !!! Pilates provides exactly what my body needs. The staff are motivating, knowledgable, and understanding, it truly is a wonderful community.

    Adele Montesano
    Professional Life Coach
  • Pliates North, Lisa Schklar and her trainers have truly changed my life! When I first started going 10 years ago I had trigger points in my lower back from too much business travel. Pilates North quickly got rid of my trigger points and improved my posture immensely. It’s as if I grew a couple of inches and I’m now pain free! Pilates North provides the best total mind and body workouts!.

    Ronitt Katz
    Business Executive
  • I LOVE my Pilates class. I look forward to the class every week. I am often tired and stressed when I get to the class after working all day and I feel absolutely wonderful when I have finished. Lisa is an amazing instructor and I can really feel how much stronger I have become. I like being challenged and Lisa’s class does that. The studio itself is spotless and I can really see how much pride is taken with the studio as everything has a place. I like seeing all the updated equipment as well as all the extra classes offered. So once again …. I LOVE PILATES NORTH..

    Senior Legal Assistant
  • Rachel and Lisa are absolutely fabelouse , they truly care for each individual student . in my case after having had a bad bunion surgery I have received special training to help me with my recovery .I have with the help of Lisa recovered behond my expectation to the point that I can do the Tex class without my shoes and don’t have anymore pain . I am so thrilled and appreciate their help more than I can say . The inviorment of the studio is very professional and the equipment of highest quality.classes are never boring as they always introduce new things and our skilles are always challenged . Thank u so much for all ur help Rachel and Lisa ,and I’m looking forward to being in ur classes for many more years to come . With appreciation!

    Astrid Pontiero, 50ish
    Domestic Godess
  • I really enjoy my classes. All the staff from the moment you enter the studio greet you with a smile!! all our so positive. Marion is a wonderful teacher and considers individual needs within the class. She also keeps the class challenging and I when I leave I feel like I got a great workout!!I feel great after taking the class. Prior to starting Pilates I always had stiff joints in the morning and soreness on a regular basis. Now I can move in the mornings with no muscle or joint stiffness which is awesome. I feel stronger and in better health overall since attending!

    Delores, 40ish
    Early Childhood Consultant
  • Pilates makes me feel energized. As my energy levels go up, my waist gets smaller and clothes fit better. I love how my body is increasingly challenged physically as well as the mind-body connection such challenges demand. Class sizes are ideal, and I enjoy the company of the instructors and my fellow Pilates enthusiasts. An extra bonus–I get quality “mummy & me” time with my university-aged daughter, who now, too, has embraced Pilates.

    Likey Segal 50+
    Translator/Medical Copyeditor
  • I read all the testimonials and just had to add my two cents! I joined Pilates because my doctors recommended it as a way to manage my osteo-arthritis. Having not stepped foot in a gym for more years than I care to admit, I was more than a little intimidated! Everyone at Pilates North made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked in to the studio. The instructors are fabulous and I very much appreciate the care they take to ensure I am able to perform the movements. My range of motion increased right after the first class. I love it! I’m hooked! I urge anyone considering Pilates to join Pilates North. You won’t be sorry!.

    Claudia Vercillo
  • I started coming to Pilates North when I moved to Richmond Hill way back in 2002. After attending classes for awhile I took a hiatus and tried other workouts. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and having major surgery in 2005, I returned to the studio. I credit the trainers with getting me back to feeling healthy and strong both physically and mentally. Pilates has also helped me to reduce my stress. My private one on one sessions are an opportunity to target areas which I feel need strengthening or stretching; the classes, both reformer and mat, are challenging whether you are at a beginner or advanced level and are also small enough in size to allow for adaptation for your needs and allow for personal attention. I have recently started TRX and love it! It is an excellent cardio and strength training workout. Pilates North has classes for everyone. I also thank the trainers for the compliments I have received from others who comment about how I look younger than my age!

    Lisa J
  • As a person who really dislikes exercise, Pilates North has made it not only bearable, but enjoyable. (most of the time!) The classes are always adding challenges and the instructors seem to genuinely care about the individuals’ needs.

    Gail Bockneck, 60
  • My core strength was pretty much non-existent after having kids so I decided to do something about it. A friend recommended pilates so I started coming to Pilates North a couple of years ago and I am so glad I did. The instructors and staff there are super friendly and sincere in their desire to not only strengthen your body but your overall well-being as well. They are a great group of people which I believe attracts a great group of people to attend the classes offered. It really is a wonderful community of individuals striving for the same thing and having a great time doing it!!.

    Joyce C,
  • I am not a person who enjoys hitting the gym and organized sports has never been my ideal way to spend my time, but I do know that it is important to be as fit and as strong as I can be. When I learned about Pilates, I thought I would give it a try, but had no idea at the time how much I would enjoy it and how it would become such a big part of my week – for 10 years! When I joined Pilates North and started attending the classes, I became part of a group of ladies who are passionate about being fit and keeping strong and flexible. Lisa and Rachel are an awesome pair of gals who took their vision of health and wellness and made it into a great environment for their clients. They constantly incorporate new variations to keep it interesting and their clients engaged and their bodies evolving. I have been a faithful attendee for a long time and I truly enjoy each class – the wonderful instructors, the great workout, some laughs and ultimately a much fitter body than when I started out so long ago.

    Sarah Finney
  • Pilates North has done so much for me since I began classes in the summer of 2007. At the time I was living an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle, with a focus on calorie counting instead of strengthening my body. Since classes began, I have felt my core muscles strengthen to an invariable degree, which helped me achieve new goals in both my equestrian and acrobatic endeavours. There is also an overwhelming sense of calm from the time I walk into the door and leave, for everyone is so welcoming and the classes always give me a few chuckles. Thanks Pilates North for always maintaining a professional, yet hospitable atmosphere that we all love!

    Ariel Lando 20ish
  • Having the classes and sharing the experience with the others on the proper or improper techniques has me laughing and feeling good throughout my day. Each time I leave after a class I feel like I have been finely tuned and honed down much Like a car that gets tuned up at each service. After all, with age we become like a car whose parts breakdown and replacement parts are difficult to find . Withpilates you are at least able to find refurbished parts that keep u revving and moving!

    Nina 50ish
  • After an unfortunate encounter with a “Boot Camp” I signed up for an introductory Pilates class and I have been hooked ever since! It has been over a year since I first imprinted and released, and my body is stronger, leaner, more flexible, and the improvements in my posture has helped me become taller and achieve a more graceful walk. Unlike at some other studios, Lisa and Rachel have created a friendly and easy meeting place where the small class sizes allows for personalized attention and a group of people who actually miss you when you’re gone! You can come to your Pilates North class tired, stiff, or even hurt and come out stretched, toned and more aware of your body than you ever were before. Thanks to all of the great instructors at Pilates North!

    Dawn S, 30ish
    HR Professional
  • I have done many types of workouts and trainings in the past, including competing on a dragonboat team. I wanted to find a workout that is effective but not too stressful on my body.Pilates is just that.After a class, I feel refreshed and it lasts thru out the day.

    The studio is pleasant,bright and airy. Location is perfect for me. Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the staff. Always greeted with a smile and a good word, I look forward to my session with Gina. Looking forward to the next session.

    Lidia Ristic
    Realtor Century 21
  • I have been attending classes at Pilates North for the past 6 years. Pilates is a real mind/body workout that has toned my muscles and strengthened my core. I feel healthy flexible and stronger. Lisa and Rachel have created a warm and inviting studio that has encouraged me to remain dedicated to Pilates. Thank you…..

    Rosalie Resnick
    Executive Director
  • I had never done Pilates and wanted to give it a try. I wanted to find a studio where instructors were both keenly aware of proper form and motivating. From the moment I walked into Pilates North I felt welcome and knew I was in good hands. The staff are fabulous, the warm ambiance is felt by the clients, and I feel stronger and more flexible. Thank you Pilates North.

    Cathy Rogers
    Health Care Provider
  • Since joining Pilates, my body feels stronger, flexible, more balanced and more toned – i find these benefits most important as a woman’s body ages – i would highly recommend it to any woman and man as well, over the age of 50! i find it better than yoga or aerobics. i am happy that i discovered pilates and will continue with it for as long as i can – Pilates North is a very friendly studio with great instructors and good choice of schedules. Thanks Rachel & Lisa !

    Zina Maher 60ish
    Business Owner, Jerico
  • I love Pilates North because the instructors are great and very knowledgable. Every instructor I have ensures that I am doing the postures correctly and offers alternatives if there are postures I cannot do. All other staff are friendly and very accomodating at the studio. Since doing pilates, my core is stronger, my balance has improved and my whole body feels much better.

    Paula M 50ish
    Admin Assistant
  • ust wanted to thank you for all of your help and support over the past years. Lisa you are a phenomenal trainer even though I didn’t train will you a lot I learned a lot in every class! Thank you. Rachel, you are always so cheerful and happy to try to accommodate all of your students needs, it is truly appreciated.

    Linda W
  • Joining Pilates was a great decision! I feel stronger, more energetic . The Pilates North studio is great – Rachel made me feel welcome right from the start; Natalya encourages me to push myself harder.

    Nancy Inkell 40ish
    Customer Service Manager
  • “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?” -George Eliot

    Lisa and Rachel spend a lot of time making life less difficult for others. They are competent, friendly and treat their clients with respect. They make exercising fun.I have been a client at Pilates North for over 11 years. I train with Lisa in private lessons twice a week. Lisa has had many challenges working with me as I live with multiple sclerosis. She is always willing to try new things to help keep me walking. She researches and thinks about the most effective ways to target specific areas of weakness in my body. And those areas are always changing! And she doesn’t give up! When I am able to do things that I couldn’t do previously, Lisa is as excited as I am that we have moved to a new level. Pilates North is a pleasant, well equipped studio with numerous options for training. Trainers at Pilates North are terrific examples of people making life a little less difficult for others.

    Barb Caiger 60+
    Retired Nurse & Author
  • “I have been attending Pilates North for over a year.  In this time, I have had the opportunity to attend various classes.  Not once have I been disappointed in the level of instruction and most importantly, the level of care for the clients.  Each intructor makes the effort to get to know their clients so to best support their individual goals.  My weekly classes are my time to focus on myself.  I look forward to walking into a place that feels very much like a community.  Pilates is not only an amazing workout but also provides one with the opportunity to feel stretched and poised.  I have most definitely found my niche and Pilates North has been instrumental in this process!.

    Gisella R+
  • I am so glad I started doing Pilates thanks to my mom’s recommendation – it makes me feel like I am in better control of my body and gives me a sense of balance, and that I can take a moment to be one with my body despite increasing responsibilities and demands on my time. Thank you, Pilates North, for jump-starting this new little joy in my life!

    Elena Segal
  • The classes at Pilates North allow me to feel super strong, powerful and confident. The instructors are well-versed, experts in their field, and always supportive, upbeat and encouraging. Each session is unique and each clients personal needs are fully addressed. Pilates has changed how I think of exercise. It is gentle yet extremely effective, decreasing the likelidhood of injuries or allowing healing from past injuries. It has changed my body from head-to-toe, toning each muscle, has increased leanness and allowed for weight loss. I always leave class with a smile, feeling relaxed, happy,and strong. The studio is more than well-equipped allowing for diverse and versatile workouts that challenge any level of athleticism, at any age, and allows you to continually progress. I love Pilates, and will continue this type of workout for life!

    Maria G
  • I love coming to Pilates North. Since I have been coming for my weekly classes I feel much stonger and no longer get as many headaches. The classes also make me feel stretched out and I have less need for massage therapy. Why didn’t I start coming sooner??

    Michelle Magee
  • Pilates North has made me feel strong and powerful from the inside out. When I joined six years ago, I suffered from chronic back pain. I figured improving my core was a smarter choice than Advil. Now I rarely if ever have back pain and when I do, I hit the floor to do some stretches that I learned from Lisa. Voila, pain gone. The instructors are warm and friendly, always supportive and very knowledgeable. I believe that pilates has helped me to achieve my goals of running the Boston marathon 3x, and managing a family, job and training for half ironman, even as I close in on 50!

    Susan M
  • Inviting friendly environement. Tired or lazy u still come as u know u will feel a 100 percent better when u leave. A whole rejuvenating feeling.

    Violette G
  • Pilates North has changed my life! I was so stiff and had trouble bending. I can now bend and reach and move freely. I am much stronger physically. Each class progresses to more challenging exercises. Each session has new routines and equipment to keep me motivated and challenged. I’ve also lost inches to my body. My instructor, Krisztina is very good. She is aware of everyone’s limitations in the class and adapts the exercise to the individual. I have never looked forward so much to exercising. I can’t wait for my next class.

    Janice Barette 40ish
  • I love Pilates North! Everyone has an amazing personality. I love my instructor, Elizabeth. She has really saved my life. I was in a car accident last year and if I was not taking Pilates instruction right now, I don’t know where I would be physically. Thank you so much! Leslie

    Leslie Gaudet
  • Joining pilates was probably one of the beat decisions I’ve ever made. The instructors are amazing. They know everyone by name and know everything they need to know about them. They know how to change each exercise for individuals who have injuries. I love how they take the time to teach you the proper techniques. I like that the classes are small. I’ve only been doing this for 5 months and I have already noticed a differenece in my core strength. My boyfriend compliments my flatter mid section all the time! On the off chance that I have to miss a class, I feel gross. Any stress I feel melts away after a class. Like I said, joining pilates was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I absolute love it!

    Karmen N
  • I love Pilates North because they have small classes and all the instructors are knowledgeable and very personal! I haven’t been able to attend as much since my son was born but I can’t wait to go back!

    Narie J
  • Pilates North consists of highly trained, experienced and caring staff. Five years ago, after surgery for removal of a herniated disc I attended countless physiotherapy sessions, various exercise classes, yoga and acupuncture to no avail. After researching the Pilates method, I discovered Pilates North. With a wide variety of classes offered seven days per week, several self contained fully equipped studios and expertly trained staff I’m on my way to feeling fabulous. My thanks to you!

    Miriam Warner
  • “I began Pilates 4 years ago with an Essential class and have never looked back. Not only do I feel renewed, reenergized, and fit, but with time I have learned to become so well atuned to my body, that I am often able to prevent stress related aches and pains (always a consequence of a busy life) from becoming troublesome or chronic. Rachel and Lisa make me feel a part of their extended family. Their professional staff and welcoming environment are like an oasis in the city where one can truly forget about everything for an hour. As my classes are mostly early ones, I find that the benefits extend well into the day ahead. It is always a surprise at the end of the hour, to look up and see that the class is coming to an end. Can we really be done so soon?!

    Barb, 55 years young
  • “I absolutely love coming to the studio and I look forward to my work out every week. I can seriously say that I think I’m addicted to Pilates. I started coming to Pilates North 4 months before my wedding because I wanted to tone up and firm up those “problem areas”. I was finding that no amount of weight training or cardio exercises was helping me target specific areas of my body. I noticed changes in my body and recieved many compliments about my shapely new self. Now I feel confident wearing that kind of clothing. The trainers at the stduio are great because they listen to the clients and they customize the classes around their needs and wants. They are very skilled and pay close attention to the class. Most of all I appreciate that they push you when you need to be pushed but let you off the hook when you’re just not feeling it.

    Lisa F
  • “I come out of a Pilates class feeling energized, strong and taller! Pilates North has helped me gain core strength and balance within my body. I would like to thank the wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced trainers at Pilates North for helping me and continuing to help me with my back injury. The classes at Pilates North are very unique, for they offer a tremendous support system that is hard to find!!!!

    Dorian Kolinas, 25
  • “It had been a few years since I worked out regularly when I joined Pilates North one year ago. I began attending one class per week on Saturday as a way to force myself to start doing something physical again. I found the atmosphere non-threatening and comfortable. I was and am able to follow along at my own pace and modify the exercises to my ability. I felt a difference within 3 or 4 classes in the way my body felt. My muscles began feeling much more flexible and I could feel my “core” getting stronger as time went on. During the summer I decided to move to 2 classes per week, by the end of the session I was feeling great. Having 2 instructors is beneficial in that in each class, a slightly different approach is used and by the end of the week, you had a really good workout. My goal is to continue the two classes throughout the winter and some day add a stretch class to supplement the pilates activities. Joining Pilates North has been a big step for me towards doing something positive for myself. I am grateful that the classes are offered at various times of the evening to accommodate those who work and that the environment is always pleasant !

    Rosey M
  • “Over the last few years of classes with the lovely, well-trained and very knowledgable instructors at Pilates North, I have increased my strength, stamina and flexibilty significantly. My lower back and neck problems have all but disappeared and I have re-discovered that I have a waistline! The classes are a definite must for the middle-aged. Not only have I reconnected with my core, I have reconnected with myself. I feel energized and plan to do Pilates well into my old age.

    Rhonda Clanfield