Class Policies

We ask that you carefully consider our class policies before registering for a class as they are firm and will not change. We are up front about all policies and hope to attract committed Pilates/Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for structure and accountability in their workout. We have spent the last 18 years developing a systematic and progressive approach to Pilates training that is unique to Pilates North. We are committed to seeing our clients improve their bodies and health and we expect the same consistency and quality effort from our clients.

Late Registration
Essential/intermediate/Advanced Classes that are not full after the second week of class will only accept clients on a pro-rated basis with an instructor’s approval. Introductory Classes will not accept late registration.

Missed Classes
If you miss a class, for whatever reason, we allow you to take a free make up class (one per registered session). Make up classes must be taken within the registered session.  Make up classes  are posted in the 3rd week of the session. All make up classes are run at an Essential Mat Level.  Make up classes must be booked through our online form , in advance, to reserve a space. Missed classes cannot be carried over to another session.  Extra makeups are available on a donation basis. Space provided, you may sign up for additional classes once you have donated a min of $5.00 to the MS Society of Canada.  

4 Week Trial Classes 
There are no make up classes, refunds or credits provided for missed classes.

Class cancellations received at least 4 working days prior to the class start date will receive a refund less $50.00 administration fee. Cancellations after this point will be charged in full.  

Clothing, Scent Policy & Cell Phones.
Wear comfortable clothes such as T-shirts with long shorts, bike shorts, tights or leggings. Clients should be barefoot or socks in class.  In consideration of those with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities, we ask that all clients refrain from using heavily scented detergents such as GAIN or TIDE, perfumes, body lotions or sprays.  In the event that a scent is causing a client or trainer discomfort the client will be asked to leave the studio immediately.   Cell phones and pagers must be turned off and left outside the Pilates studios. No cameras, video/tape recorders are permitted.

As cute as they are, children can be a distraction to parents, trainers & clients.  For this reason they are prohibited from entering ongoing glasses.  In emergency situations and upon the studio’s approval, children over the age of 12 may be permitted to wait in a designated waiting area of the facility while a class is underway.  

Weather/Emergency Cancellations
If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergencies, there will be a general message on the main line at least one and a half hours before the class is scheduled to begin. Cancelled classes can be made up by signing up for an additional makeup class in the current session.

The Studio recognizes all statutory holidays. No classes will be held on these days, unless specifically announced.

Injuries/Physical Limitations
We are here to help our clients feel better. In order to do this, we require full disclosure on previous/current injuries or illness. Understanding why you have come to us and how you are feeling will help our trainers provide you with more effective instruction and advice. Undisclosed physical limitations or medical conditions could result in removal from the class without refund. While pregnancy is a wonderful time, Pilates classes would not be suitable for most women past their second trimester. If you are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant give us a call before you register for classes. We can have a discussion on what forms of training are available.

Reception Hours
We are staffed in our reception area during the following hours: Monday–Thursday 9am-12pm and 5:45pm-9:00pm; Friday-Sunday 9am-12 pm; (Special hours held for workshops)