Pilates Classes Richmond Hill

Pilates North – Not your average Pilates classes

Through REGISTERED PILATES CLASSES, our goal is to teach you how to use your body more efficiently and to maximize your movements for optimal results. Clients learn to use breath and body positioning to strengthen their abdominal, lower back, inner/outer thighs, shoulders, arms and buttocks. Classes are good for people who enjoy:

  • working out with like-minded individuals
  • learning proper techniques and improving upon them
  • seeing results, and feeling good

Class Descriptions Join a Pilates Class

Our Pilates classes work with a leveled system, so if you are new to Pilates you will start at an Introductory level and progress, as your skills and strength increase, to an Essential and then Intermediate I, II and III.  Our classes are small and progressive so clients see results because they are constantly moving forward and being challenged to go further with the exercises. We offer over 60 Pilates classes a week to continually challenge all ranges of fitness levels. A more advanced equipment class could involve work on the Stability Chairs, Reformers, Barre, or TRX Suspension System. Taught by certified instructors, the Pilates North philosophy is to provide personalized attention to our clients ensuring their fitness goals are being met in a safe and fun environment.

Classes tailored to your needs.

Where do I fit?

If you are new to PilatesPilates Classes with Lisa Schklar and are free from injury the best place to start is with one of our introductory Pilates classes. These classes start from basic principles and work progressively to prepare clients for more intermediate movements. You will leave the session with a good understanding of our verbal cuing, your body positioning and the introductory repertoire of Pilates exercises
Great! The studio offers many intermediate level classes, and we would love you to join one. Before we can place you we will book you in for an assessment. This is a one on one session with an instructor where you will be led through an intermediate level workout. The instructor is looking for your ability to follow cuing and correction. After the assessment we will look for a class that fits your ability and challenge level. 
Pilates is a great tool for re-balancing the body.  If you have a “back issue” or are recovering from an injury we suggest taking an assessment session prior to joining a class.  During the assessment you will be able to feel the movements and discuss your specific requirements.
A trainer can work on your specific goals and together you can decide if our classes make sense.