After an injury, rehabilitation is a necessary step in total recovery.  Whether your injury is acute or chronic, we will assess your physical restrictions through a series of evaluation protocols to create a program combining exercises and stretches that will address your limitations and improve functional movement. Often we work in conjunction with your Physiotherapists to prevent further injury re-occurrence and get you back to an active lifestyle.


Injury Assessment

As an initial assessment, this 90 minute session will include an in-depth discussion of all injuries, previous treatments and your expectations of what you want to accomplish.  A trainer will look at your body posture, quality of movement and any structural limitations.  Based on the trainers findings, a rehabilitation treatment plan for improved mobility will be suggested.  Often our clients require one-on-one training but based on the results, and the trainers approval, clients may have the option of taking scheduled group classes.

Neuromuscular Disorder Assessment

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of clients that are suffering with neurological and neuromuscular disorders. During the initial assessment we will discuss symptoms that are causing pain or weakness and a trainer will focus on testing mobility, strength and balance.  By the end of the session trainers will be able to suggest an appropriate treatment plan. Our goal is to improve pro-prioception, strength, posture and mobility.

Clients We Work With

We work with a variety of different clients who come to us, often times, as a last resort.  The work we do with these clients is personalized and focused on their specific needs and goals in conjunction with their physiotherapy. Here are some of the areas we cover:

  • back injuries, disc herniations, sciatica
  • hip replacements, knee surgerys, patellofemoral syndrome
  • dropped shoulder, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries
  • cancer survivors mid/post treatment rehabilitation
  • multiple sclerosis, parkinsons
  • rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia
  • sports related injuries
  • Fitness related injuries (running, crossfit, zumba)

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