Athletic Training

Athletic Training at Pilates North

Lisa Schklar, Director of Pilates North has a long history working with professional and amateur athletes and is commonly referred to by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists and Athletic Trainers. Her focus is placed on injury prevention and performance enhancement. Athletes will work directly with Lisa or with one of her trainers one-on-one, or in small-specialized groups. With Lisa’s guidance, programs will be designed to increase mobility and strengthen areas that are restricted or weak.

How we work with Athletes

Initial Assessment
90 minutes in length, this assessment is designed as a fact-finding session. Postural assessment, muscle testing, and understanding the goals of each athlete are the main objective.  By the end of the session a course of action is suggested that may include private training, bodywork or group training.

Often athletes will have a strength and conditioning coach.  Our goal is to prepare our athletes bodies for the vigorous and repetitive work done in their sport and with their trainers.  After the initial assessment, modalities such as Thai massage, body walking, assisted fascia stretching, muscle testing and soft tissue release are used to address individual requirements and are designed to relieve restrictions and provide a stronger base from which training can begin.

Private Training
These one-on-one sessions can be scheduled in 60, 90 and 120-minute increments.  The training will focus on each individual’s goals.  Protocols will be developed to ensure that exercises are being performed efficiently to optimize performance.  As strength and flexibility increases, programming will be adjusted.  Attention to detail, proper mechanics and trouble shooting problem areas allows for fluid training that is progressive and long lasting.

Customized Warm Up / Warm Down and Maintenance programs.
Maintaining the bodywork and training that has been preformed off season is always a challenge. We provide customized “in season” programming that will help our clients maintain the advantages gained during their off-season training.  When required, a personalized program can be developed and routines will be created specifically for each clients needs that will include a video and email correspondence for reference while you are “in season” or away from the studio.

Small Group Training
Training can be on or offsite and groupings can be arranged by teams or clubs.  These classes are designed to strengthen the back, increase eccentric strength, mobility, and endurance and to correct dynamic postural positioning.

Off-site and Skype sessions
Most Athletes are only available to work off-season.  When required we can arrange to come to you or to provide appointments through Skype. These sessions are available only after an initial assessment is performed and a program has been developed.

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