Book a Private Session

People like private training for many reasons. Some people like to work out by themselves with full attention from a trainer, or perhaps you are recovering from an injury and need a workout to help with rehabilitation? Do you need to body-target specific problem areas? Are you an athlete looking for a performance edge?

To book a private session appointment, simply fill out the form below to let us know what you are looking for.  You are not committing to a specific time/date appointment and no payment will be asked.  This information lets us know how and when you are looking to train, in order for us to decide who would be best for you to work with and review our schedule to do our best to accommodate your time requirements.

Your submission will always be followed up with a phone call or email to let you know what we can offer based on your request, answer any questions you might have, and work on scheduling a date for you to come in. Or you can call the Studio during reception hours to speak with someone that can book your appointment- 905.882.1442