Advanced Classes

Finding the Perfect Class

When we opened Pilates North in 2000, most people came to us with no prior experience with Pilates. The challenge back then was teaching a new method of exercise to people who had very little knowledge of what Pilates was.  Slowly over time our beginner classes moved to essential, then intermediate and now some are quite advanced. We grew with those clients and as their level increased, so did ours. The need to continually challenge our new Pilates bodies became our focus and drive.

Our studio is unique. Clients stay, and classes continually move forward in level. We are proud to be the first studio in Canada to introduce Pilates Chairwork into our intermediate level classes. That was back in 2000. In 2002 Reformer classes were introduced and we still remain the only studio in Richmond Hill to offer Reformer Pilates classes to groups of 8 people.

Now,  20 years after our studio opened we are contacted by many people who have tried Pilates at their gym, community centre or even a different Pilates studio. If you fall into this category and believe you are beyond the introductory level of Pilates we would like to help you fit into a group class that suits your ability. We would be happy to book a private assessment to help guide you in the process.

We have assessed hundreds of clients over the years and find the experience is a good way to introduce new people to our studio, our methodology and to work with them to find which class or classes would be most beneficial.   Our studio is inclusive and we will always try our best to find the proper home for you and make you feel welcome.

To learn more, feel free to browse the descriptions of each type of class we offer.

What happens during an assessment?

The assessment session is a 55 minute  workout at an intermediate level and may incorporate chair and/or reformer work. The level and intensity of the workout will be determined by your ability to follow cuing and perform the exercises being taught. When the session is complete, we will be able to determine which classes would be the most beneficial to you.

Book an Assessment Today

The fee for an assessment session is $120.   Assessments are MANDATORY for any person wanting to join a class other than introductory classes.