Lisa Schklar – Core Movement Specialist

Pilates North Founder Lisa SchklarOver 20 years ago I completed the full STOTT PILATES Certification and then continued my training with Moira Merrithew (Co-founder with Lindsay Merrithew) to become an Instructor Trainer.  After working for a year at the STOTT PILATES International Training Centre in Toronto Canada, I opened Pilates North in 2000 with my twin sister, Rachel, to fill the demand for Pilates just north of the city. 

During the first few years at Pilates North, I had an extraordinary opportunity to work with hundreds of different clients of all levels and abilities.  During this time I noticed that most of the clientele found it difficult to perform traditional Pilates sequencing because of postural issues and injury.  It soon became clear that “one-size” did not fit all – and many clients required much more.   And so began my journey to creating a system of Pilates that works for “all bodies”.  I spent time between 2003 and 2012 attending workshops, courses and classes all over North America to learn how dancers and athletes conditioned themselves. I attended Barre classes, Ballet tone, Gyrokenisis and TRX workshops.  I also started to look at anatomy in a different way.  I studied Tom Myers; Anatomy Trains with Mark Finch which heightened my understanding of connective tissue and it’s important role in functional movement…. (next tab)

Pilates North – The Evolution

“By incorporating my years of research and thousands of  hours of training experience,  I now teach a fluid system of core stability training that includes resistance, flexibility and postural protocols.   This evolution is The Pilates North® system of exercise, a methodology that is founded on a deep understanding of the whole body and is suitable for any fitness level.  The workouts are challenging and safe and will continue to evolve as our clients grow and as new research unfolds.

Mike Zigomanis holds Stanley Cup for Lisa SchklarWith this evolution,  Pilates North has become one of the busiest studios in North America and the clients who attend the Studio to benefit from my progressive method of Pilates exercise include – NHL players – Olympic medalists – Media personalities – ISU World Figure Skating Championship competitors – and junior & senior Skate Canada competitors.  Right along side them; we have clients with neuromuscular disorders, rehabilitation clients, pregnant mothers, and seniors.

Over the past 20 years we have inspired 30+ clients to further their training by becoming certified Pilates instructors. And in 2012, by demand, I offered the first Pilates North Comprehensive Certification.   Our studio is staffed with instructors who who have helped deliver my exercise philosophy to thousands of satisfied clients.  Their empathy and willingness to learn and grow make them an integral part of the studio’s success and reputation.  Whether you are interested in attending classes or becoming a trainer, I encourage you to “come feel the difference!

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