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Welcome to Pilates North

Our beautiful 3500 square foot studio is located right on the border of Richmond Hill & Thornhill. We have four studio rooms which accommodate a variety of classes, workshops and bodywork, with friendly trainers that are warm and welcoming.

Founded in 2000 by twin sisters Rachel and Lisa Schklar, Pilates North is located in the modern heart of Richmond Hill.  We service North Toronto and York Region.  Over the past 20 years, the studio has constantly evolved to meet the needs of its loyal clientele. We are a leader in core stability training and functional movement workouts.  We welcome all different bodies and use innovative approaches to meeting each clients goals.   We are proud to be the first studio north of the city to offer Mat/Reformer Classes, Chair Classes, TRX® Suspension Training, COREBALL and Barre45 Classes.

Studio Culture

When we developed our system of teaching, our main goal was to offer Pilates in a small, intimate group setting with a focus on progressing the exercises.  Advancing our clients from one level to the next and being able to guide them through more challenging movements as their bodies became stronger and more flexible.  We have women and men from all different walks of life, and it is heartwarming to see them come together to exercise and feel better about themselves. Between the many “Planks” and “Hundreds”, there are connections made and experiences shared.   It’s not uncommon to hear applause at the end of a class or see clients linger long after their sessions to chat with fellow classmates.

The Keys to Our Success

Since the opening of Pilates North, one of the things that we are most grateful for is the opportunity we’ve had to meet and share with so many wonderful people. In turn, we believe that a community environment drives the studios success.   While the focus has always been on meeting our clients’ needs with a high standard of fitness expertise, we’ve come to realize that the Pilates North kinship also plays an important role in meeting the social needs of our clientele – by providing them with a place where they feel comfortable and where they belong.

We quickly realized that our innovative approach to progressive Pilates was unique and instrumental in growing the studio’s culture as a friendly and approachable environment. One that is inclusive rather than exclusive; encouraging rather than competitive. With exercise and a sense of belonging both contributing to our well-being, it is with great pride that we continue to connect people through Pilates.  I suppose we will never tire of making the connections between the mind, the body and each other.

 Pilates North Studio Founder Lisa Schklar

“It is our clients who continue to inspire us to move forward with innovative training and truly unique offerings”

– Lisa Schklar, Founder 

It is both exercise and a sense of belonging that contribute to our wellbeing

It is with great pride that we are able to connect people through fitness…

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