Signature Classes

Pilates North has developed some unique signature classes that build upon our core Pilates principles, yet offer new and exciting challenges and have become very popular with out clients.  These innovative workouts were created to build upon the studio’s Pilates programming, and add variety and energy to our clients weekly routines. Designed to work larger muscle groups while adding a cardio element, these classes will get your heart rate up, while focusing on breathing and posture for the safest and most targeted movements.  Taught to music, these classes incorporate elements of dance, yoga and resistance training resulting in a fun energetic session that you won’t soon forget! Upcoming Signature Trial Classes

No Pain, No Gain Classes


Where do I fit?

TRX Training - Pilates NorthWhile our signature classes were designed to compliment our Pilates programming, the classes are open for anyone to join.   The goal is for clients to work larger muslce groups at a quick pace.  Muscle shaking and fatigue go hand in hand with these workouts, so be prepared to feel the burn! A four week trial class is the perfect way to try these classes and see if they are the right fit.
Ugi Ball WorkoutThe signature classes are all challenging.  If you have a “back issue” or are recovering from an knee/ankle or foot injury we suggest taking an introductory Pilates class first.  Here you can strengthen your body and prepare yourself for the intensity of our Barre45, TRX and CoreBall classes.
Barre classes Richmond HillOur programming is original.  We do offer certification programs for the Pilates North method.  We also provide training for those interested in incorporating the TRX, Barre and Ugi into their clients workouts.  Contact us for upcoming dates.