Covid19 Classes

A New Way to Practice Pilates

When Pilates North Closed on March 17, 2017 by Civil Order, our Hearts were broken. 20 Years in business it is still hard to believe. Our clients are loyal, and so are we. So shortly after closing we have been working hard to upload classes for those who rely on us weekly for the exercise. There will soon be live clases. We are taking names from those who are not currently clients but would like to join the new Pilates North experience.  SEND US AN EMAIL

Barre45™ Online  Starting Apr 6 $ EMAIL
Pilates Mat Online  Starting Apr 6 $ EMAIL
Roller  Online  Starting Apr 6 $ EMAIL
Core Day Online  Starting Apr 6 $ EMAIL

To Register: Simply click the link beside the class you would like to join. You will be taken to a secure checkout page. Once paid you will receive a receipt and a welcome message from us!

About Live Classes

  coming soon…

  • integrates Pilates principles into dynamic “dance-like” movementBarre Classes Richmond Hill
  • creates long, lean muscles, tight glutes and defined arms
  • increases cardiovascular conditioning
  • improves flexibility, range of motion,
    co-ordination and balance
  • reduces body fat and burns calories
  • improves performance in sport, exercise, dance and life

Common Questions

What do I need to for Live Classes?

To book your own group  simply  fill out the request form below.